We do indeed have minority rule and the minority is a dangerous cult. The Constitution was supposed to protect minority rights from majority abuse but it seems that’s been totally turned around. Now, we have majority rights running roughshod over everyone, enforced by a minority who have manipulated the system to secure their place in power and claim to represent the majority.

It’s a bizzarro world of conspiracy theories, alternative facts, fake news, gaslighting and lies, lies and more lies. It has been building since at least Nixon’s Southern Strategy (if not McCarthyism), culminating in Trump’s Trumpism of white supremacy, nationalism and economic inequity. White grievance, all. Republicans have used division to effectively control the American agenda for more than a half-century.

Meanwhile, Democrats urge unity to an increasingly deaf and diminishing white majority. But, perhaps, therein lies the answer. The rapidly shifting demographics toward the browning of America may lead to a new “Revolution” of minority rights and egalitarianism.

The Framers had the right idea but perhaps there were too clever; the convoluted protections against tyranny have instead ensured tyranny by the party that best learned how to work the leavers of minority control. When the new minorities become the new majority that may all change; but if history is any judge the cycle will simply start anew.

I continue my own naïveté, but I realize it is based ultimately upon a pessimistic view of humanity: The fight for equality is perceived to be a zero-sum game. And that makes no sense to me.

Imagine, a brotherhood of man.

I wonder if you can.

I hope you find peace in Spain.