Sorry. I couldn’t disagree with you more. 100 days is an FDR relic, Joe has 730 days to get an enormous agenda passed. Joe is methodical; Joe does not panic. Joe beat a field of 23 Democratic candidates in 2020, and then he beat Trump by 7 million votes and 74 Electoral votes. A landslide far greater than Trump’s phony “landslide.” Trump lost the presidency, the House and the Senate. Biden won them all.

Joe knows how government – especially Congress – works. They can’t walk and chew gum so Joe is getting them to walk first, chew gum second. There are so many things to do: The America Recovery Act, the Public Option, Voting Rights, Civil Rights, Climate Change, Infrastructure to mention a few.

Joe’s Cabinet pics are exemplary and his policies are commendable.

Funny how Republicans are oblivious to the possibility that Biden’s ARA might be a huge success: Covid under control, the economy roaring back. And what will Repubs s have to run on then? They’ll have opposed everything Biden will have done, and they’re just itching to give us Trump’s lies and failures again. Nice!

That’s IF Trump isn’t in jail or still in court four years from now.

Sorry. I trust Joe’s judgement. He knows exactly what he’s doing. But if he fucks up, I’ll be one of the first to criticize him.